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Originally from San Jose, CA, I graduated from San Diego State University with a BA degree in Journalism Public Relations and Political Science. I was an active member of my sorority and completely inactive about deciding what I wanted to do after college. 

During my first few years at SDSU, I had no idea what to major in. I chose to major in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations and minor in Political Science. Journalism seemed like a natural fit for me since I  have always loved to write, hence this blog.  However, the job prospects (and salary) that journalism offered were not very appealing to me. 


During my junior year I realized I could instead double major and still stay on track to graduate in four years. I took a class in the fall of my junior year called "Law and the Political System." The class took a look at how social issues affect judicial decisions, and in turn, how judicial decisions affect social issues. This class made me look at law and the role of lawyers and judges in a whole new way, and made me consider it as a career choice. I started looking into the requirements and application process for law school, and decided it was something I would pursue. 

The process of deciding to apply, taking the LSAT, filling out applications, and deciding on schools was all foreign terriotory to me, but I did the best I could. I'm no expert but I'm figuring this out as I go along and I hope I can help other potential law students on their journey!


I started law school in Los Angeles in Fall 2016.

Besides blog about law school, I like to try and teach myself how to cook, run occassionally, watch shows like the Bachelor and Kardashians, drink wine, paint the world pink, stalk cute boys on Instagram and Facetime everyone I know. 

Welcome to Telling Twenty~

Hi, I'm Brenna!

Enjoy! xoxo,


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