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The Law School Decision Game by Ann Levine

Facts and figures as well as personal anecdotes from those who have been there to help you decide if law school is right for you.

The Law School Admission Game by Ann Levine

A must read before you start filling out your applications, asking for letters of rec, writing a personal statement, or composing your resume. 

One L: The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School by Scott Trubow

A very real firsthand account of the reality of law school. It will either scare you or excite you but if it excites you then you should go to law school.

Barron's LSAT prep book

What I used to study for the LSAT all on my own. I'm sure other ones are great too but this was the only one I looked at and it worked well for me.


Everything you need to apply to law school. Create an account, sign up for the LSAT, fill our your applications, submit your resume and personal statements, collect letters of rec, send transcripts, etc. 

WestLaw and Lexis

Once in law school, WestLaw and Lexis are basically Google Engines for cases and law. You need a sign in for both, but your law school should provide these for you.

Black's Law Dictionary

Excellent (and free) resource for all the confusing legal terms you come across.


Quimbee is a website that contains supplemental information for almost every subject in law school. It has case briefs, helpful videos, outlines, etc. You can search a topic and Quimbee will explain it to you in a different way than your textbook. It's especially helpful for cases that are hard to read, such as ones written before the 1900s and ones on confusing topics. A subscription is required of $15-$24/month, but it's definitely worth it. 



Case Brief Template

Here's the template I use for case briefs. I open it and fill it out for each case, then "save as" the case name.


Other Blogs

Brazen and Brunette

I came across this blog a few months ago and it gave me such a relief knowing someone had the same anxieties and questions that I do. This is where I got my inspiration for this blog!

Break Into BigLaw

As the title suggests, this blog focuses on breaking into BigLaw, even if you may not be the most obvious candidate. Focus on how to get interviews and nail them once you're there, with an overview of the "BigLaw" field as a whole.

This Girls Guide to Law School

The creator of this blog is an '06 graduate, so she has a good retrospective view on law school combined with a decade of real-world experience. 

Bitter Lawyer

A very real, semi-pessimistic view on law school that includes things like "Most Ridiculous Celebrity Lawsuit of the Week". I highly recommend their post on networking.

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