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Deciding to Apply to Law School

Growing up I never wanted to be a lawyer. I thought lawyers were mean people that had to argue all the time, and that didn't sound anything like me. However, in college I realized that every class I loved had one thing in common: Law. Whether it was the history of the creation of the American government or the way laws influence societal issues, I found every aspect fascinating. Still, the thought of applying to grad school, especially law school, was terrifying to me.

Two books you MUST read if you are considering law school:

It goes over the realities of law school, valid reasons for wanting to attend, invalid reasons for wanting to attend, and a little bit of what to expect. It's filled with facts and figures and is filled with good advice. By the time I had read this book, I was already pretty much set on applying, but this book made me more sure of my decision.

This book is a bit scarier as it's a very real first hand account of the first year of law school. It will either scare the s*** out of you or excite you. Law will be your entire life your first year, and this book will help you decide if that's something you could handle.

For me, the reasons for applying to law came down to three things:

1. I didn't want to work in journalism and media (which was my other major in college besides political science)

2. I wanted to have the opportunity to make a lot of money

3. I wanted to further my education in something I was actually interested in

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