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My Personal Application Process

I outlined the general application process here, but I wanted to go a little more in depth on what I personally did for each one.

1. Create an account on

2. Register for the LSAT and create a preparation plan.

I registered for the June test originally, then rescheduled it for the October test. If I was unhappy with my score, this still left me time to take the December test before applications were due.

3. Create a list of schools using your GPA and LSAT score.

My GPA and score put me in a safe place for many schools, but a reach for top tier schools. I only applied to schools I had a good chance of getting into since a scholarship was a very important factor for me. I could have maybe gotten into schools like UCLA or USC, but without a scholarship, I would have to take out about $250,000 in loans, and that wasn't worth it for me. I also didn't want to go to a reach school where I would feel like I was one on the less-smart end of students. I also wanted to stay in California, so my final school list was: Univ. of San Francisco, US Hastings, Santa Clara, Pepperdine, Loyola, Chapman, Univ. of San Diego, and California Western.

4. Send your transcripts

I took community classes in high school and over summers, so I had several extra transcripts to send besides just from SDSU. I found this very confusing so I'm glad I did this early.

5. Ask people to write your letters of rec

I didn't have any experience working in the legal field, so I stuck with asking teachers. The first teacher I asked was a public relations professor that I had during two different semesters. I did well in her class and felt closer to her than most other professors, so I figured she would write me a solid letter.

The second teacher I asked was a political science teacher than I had only had for one semester, but I was really active in participating in his class and he was the department head for the political science department. Since I had only had him for the current semester, he waited until the end of the semester when final grades were in to write my letter, so instead of being able to submit my applications over Thanksgiving break, I had to wait until mid-December. Which was fine, it was just something I hadn't thought about.

6. Start your personal statement

I struggled for weeks trying to come up with something to write my personal statement about. I feel I have been very blessed in life and have had a supportive family and have not faced any great adversities. I ended up writing about how my dad never went to college and always talks about how he regrets it, and that motivated me to get as much education as I could.

7. Complete your resume

8. Fill out the actual application

9. Double, triple, quadruple check!

10. Pay your fees and submit!

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