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Myths of the First Week

True: Where you sit on the first day will be your seat for the rest of the year/semester

At least in 3/4 of my classes. Luckily, I got good seats in the middle of the classroom so I'm not too close, too far back, or too off to the side in any of my classes. But it's a good idea to arrive to class early on the first day so you can secure yourself a good spot for the rest of the year!

False: The professor will kick you out of class if you are unprepared

Well, I think this is false but I didn't see anyone completely unprepared, since we have Facebook groups and everyone talked about the homework so much during orientation. Professors, in my experience, are generally understanding that it's the first day and all of mine except one only took questions and comments from volunteers. However, even the one teacher that did call out randomly told us that if we were unprepared, he would adjust his questions to help us get through them.

True: Some professors will know all of your faces and names before the first class

I literally have no idea how he did this. One of my professors had ALL of our names and faces memorized in our first class, even though none of us had ever met him before. My guess is he got our student ID photos and spent a lot of time memorizing, but still, there's like 60-70 of us!

False: Everyone in law school dresses business formally all the time

Most people weren't even dressed business casually. I wore outfits like rompers, jeans and flowy tank tops, etc. This may be because I go to school in Southern California and it's more laid back than perhaps in the south or on the east coast, but in my experience, save the suits and blazers for special occasions.

True: You'll have lots of homework starting the first day

Law school professors give no grace periods when it comes to the reading. Make sure you have your books and stay on top of your assignments so you don't fall behind during the first week of the semester!

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