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Living Situation in Grad School: Things to Consider


I went through about ten different game plans regarding my living situation for law school. Initially, I planned to live with my best friend/roommates from college, who were also moving to L.A. But my plans changed when one of them got a job in Santa Monica, and I was going to school downtown. Even though it's only about 15 miles apart, I didn't want to deal with LA traffic and opted to live closer to school.


I also thought about living by myself. But I only thought about this for like five minutes because 1. I'm way too scared to live alone and 2. I need constant companionship and would probably die of loneliness and boredom if I lived alone. Also, the cheapest studios/1 bedrooms I could find (that were safe and in decent condition) were all about $500 over what I wanted to spend on rent.

Who to Live With

This would be the first time I'd live with someone I didn't know. This was super scary to me because I feel like I get easily annoyed, and wanted to somehow meet someone I'd enjoy living with. A girl in my class posted on the Facebook page saying she was looking for a roommate so I stalked away and messaged her. While there are plenty of sites to find roommates, from Craigslist to, living with someone I had something common with seemed like a safer bet.

I think the biggest pro is that my roommate is in grad school too. If you're going to be in school, this is an important factor to consider. Having a roommate come home after work every and be able to let loose while I had to study would have been rough for me. It's nice that we're on the same page about responsibilities and all that. We understand that we need to focus and get all our shiz done before we can crack open the merlot and watch Bachelor in Paradise.


A huge part of where you live is how you get around. Are you close to public transit? Do you have a car? Does your roommate have a car? Living downtown, parking is limited, and luckily my building provides parking. Initially, we had a tandem parking spot and my car is a manual which my roommate doesn't know how to drive, but our building ended up switching us to two single spots so we lucked out there.

Ultimately, a stress-free living situation is crucial to your over-all well being. So, weigh your options and decide what works best for you.

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