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Advice from 2Ls

During my first week of school, I've gotten the opportunity to chat with two 2Ls (second year law students) from different schools. Here are some of the pieces of advices they shared with me:

Melania -- 2L at USC -- Met her in the jacuzzi at my apartment complex

Okay, to be honest I'm not completely sure that her name is Melania since she only said it once, but I do know it started with an M. Maybe I've just been exposed to too much Trump media lately.

Anyway, the first lesson I learned from this interaction is that you never know where you're going to meet someone that can be a helpful source of information, or a potential connection in future career endeavors. At first I was like "ugh I have to make small talk during my nightly jacuzzi relaxation time fml." But at soon as we shared that we were both in law school, the conversation took off from there.

Her major piece of advice was to get involved in other aspects of law school besides school, but to remember that grades still matter more than anything else and stay focused on that. Also, she found that she was interested in going into IP (intellectual property) law, and discovered that through student organizations on campus. However, even after discovering that, she took an externship with a judge this summer to expose herself to litigation in a wide variety of topics.

Jon -- 2L at UC Hastings -- Classmate from undergrad

I had a lot of poli sci classes with Jon at San Diego State, and he was basically my mentor going through the application process. I texted him at least once a week and I'm shocked he never started to ignore all of my annoying questions. Although he goes to law school in San Francisco, he was in the LA area for the week so we met for coffee to catch up.

His main advice, which he's shared with me earlier and reiterated this week, is to not stress out more than you need you. A lot of hype gets built up around law school, and while it's good to stay focused on your studies, staying up till 2 a.m. studying isn't worth it if it's making you so tired you can't retain any information. He put it this way: college is harder than high school, but it's a natural transition to the next step. Law school is the same way: harder than undergrad, but the next step in your journey.

He also stressed the importance of not letting other's study habits intimidate you. Just because one person has a sticky note tab in every other page of their textbook and is in the library for an hour before class everyday and 8 hours after, doesn't mean that's going to work for you also. You've made it this far on your own study habits; trust in them.

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