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#GOALS for my First Semester

1. Not drop out. I'm not kidding.

Everyone has hyped up soooo much about how hard 1L is and they're like "if you can make it through the first year you can make it through anything." So yeah goal #1.

2. Find a good balance of a social life

Like still go out, but not three nights in a row, and also not be deathly hungover in class type deal. But still see my friends and fun and all that.

3. Establish good study habits

Like not putting things off until the last minute, studying at a desk instead of in bed, making sure I actually understand what I'm studying etc. etc. etc.

4. Have a solid start on outlines by the end of September

I'm giving myself some leniency on this since I literally have no idea how to create an outline and it's my first semester. Next semester my goal will be like, have outlines in the first three weeks (maybe).

5. Manage stress effectively

This includes not gaining or losing excessive weight and also getting good sleep, which has been a struggle in the first few weeks.

6. Go to Office Hours

Because I literally never did this in undergrad. First time for everything!

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