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Study Tips for Law School

In undergrad, I probably went to the library less than ten times each semester. I quickly learned that my former study habits (or lack thereof) weren't going to cut it in law school. Here's a few tips that work for me to get all my studying done.

1. Listen to this.

I don't really know what it is or how it works but whenever I'm studying I have this playing. I can't study in silence and music with lyrics is too distracting for me, but these weird synths get me completely in the zone.

2. Find someplace without distractions

As much as I love studying in the comfort of my own home, I find myself taking way too many study breaks to make food/clean my room/reorganize my entire closet etc. I balance my study time between the library and the office center in my apartment building. When I do study at home, I make sure there's nothing on my desk/kitchen table to distract me.

3. Take breaks

If I go straight to the library after four hours of class, I'm completely drained and can't focus. I'm lucky that I live close enough to campus that I can go home, eat/change/nap for an hour and then come back to the library feeling refreshed and focused. Even if you don't live close enough to go home, taking an hour break to sit outside, walk around, or sleep in your car can make a world of difference.

4. Hide your phone

I have to put my phone in my backpack or somewhere out of sight, otherwise I'm tempted to check it every five minutes. Even when it's on "do not disturb," I don't have enough self-control to have it in front of me.

5. Just start

For some reason I dread starting to study, but then once I do I feel productive and great. I have to remind myself to just get going and the good student in me will take over.

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