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The Best Things About Law School

Seven weeks into law school. The honeymoon phase is over. I finished my first paper last weekend, and have my first midterm next weekend. Nothing is new and exciting and I'm so over reading everyday. BUT, I feel I need to bring a little ~positivity~ into the world and present THE BEST THINGS ABOUT LAW SCHOOL!!!!!

Free food everywhere

Someone told me about this before I started school and I didn't really understand it until I began, but they weren't kidding. EVERYWHERE. Literally everywhere. Every meeting, presentation, panel, anywhere except the actual cafeteria on campus. They bribe you to get involved with food and they do it WELL. Everything from pizza to Chipotle to In-n-Out. I will gladly take your bribes, law school administrators.

You learn SO MUCH

In undergrad, I sat through half my classes like "what's the point of being here I learned nothing today waaaah." In law school, every class of every day I feel like I'm learning so much. Today, I learned how to search for more specific things in legal research and my head exploded with knowledge. Sometimes, lectures get boring or confusing and reading sucks, but when you reflect back you realize how much more makes sense in the world because of what you're learning in law school.

You're doing something to better yourself, everyday

I've had many days in life where I've done nothing and feel shitty about myself for it. Being a law student, I wake up every morning knowing I'm setting myself up for a future I'm passionate about. It's easier to read when you have the motivation that better reading = better grades = better job. Even on days when I feel lazy, at least I'm a lazy law student. Every night I go to bed knowing I survived another day of law school, something most people don't do, and that in itself makes me feel accomplished.

This post made me reflect a little on why I'm in school at all, and I hope it provides a little inspiration for anyone considering to go but feeling overwhelmed by all the negative advice people love to give to potential law students.

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