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Staying Caffeinated

Unless you're one of the rare unicorns in law school that don't drink caffeine, it will become essential to your survival. Whether you're an avid coffee drinker or someone who can't stand the stuff, here are a few options of how to get your necessary dose of caffeine.

1. Coffee

The most obvious and probably most popular way. While it may seem convenient to drop a few dollars at a coffee shop every morning for your daily dose, it can add up over the long run, especially on a student budget. Making your own coffee at home is so easy and much cheaper!

A coffee maker can range anywhere from $20-$200, but you don't need a fancy one to get the job done (the one I use cost $25 and works great). Wake up, put in the coffee grinds and water, hope in the shower and your coffee will be ready and waiting in 10 minutes when you get out.

I always make more coffee than I will actually drink, so I let it sit and cool while I'm at school. When I get home, I pour the leftover into a jug that I keep in my fridge to make iced coffee whenever I want something cooler.

To avoid adding sugar, I pour a splash of vanilla almond milk to soften the taste and give it just enough sweetness.

2. Tea

Probably the second most obvious option. For the highest amount of caffeine, look for a black tea, like Earl Gray or English Breakfast. While they often taste the best, herbal teas have no caffeine. Green, white, and oolong teas with moderate amounts of caffeine are great for a late afternoon pick-me-up.

3. Crystal Light with Caffeine

(Or any generic brand). These are super convenient because you can toss one in your backpack and then just pour it into a water bottle whenever you need a boost.

While the Crystal Light ones seem to provide a standard dose of caffeine, the generic brand (from Ralph's I think?) made me feel SO WIRED so proceed with caution and maybe drink half at a time?

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