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Mid-Semester Motivation Monday

I'm nine weeks into law school, have spent at LEAST an hour (usually more) studying every day and still have yet to receive a single grade or have any indication of how I'm doing compared to the rest of my class.

SO I've compiled a list of a few things I'm playing through my brain to keep myself motivated on this rainy Monday in Los Angeles.

1. If you're in law school that means you have a college degree and that's more than a lot of people can say.

2. If you're in law school that means you got into law school and had the motivation to even apply in the first place.

3. If you're struggling, at least you're struggling in law school as opposed to struggling while unemployed and uneducated and doing nothing.

4. Even if the hard work doesn't give you instant gratification, it will give you immense gratification in the long run when you can TREAT YO SELF on the regular and be a #girlboss (or boy boss!) and support your whole family and spoil your pets.

5. Even if you don't understand everything, you're still learning a lot and more things in the real world start to make sense to you because of it.

6. You are probably making so many people in your life proud, like your parents/grandparents/siblings/friends etc.

7. If you're in law school that means you haven't dropped out of law school and that is something to celebrate.

8. You have a reason to get up every morning, which is more than some people can say.

9. You are doing something everyday that is improving who you are as a person, in regards to knowledge, commitment and perseverance.

10. You have a very valid excuse to drink more than one glass of wine per day, and most people don't get such a luxury.

KEEP IT UP because you (talking to myself) CAN DO IT!!!!!

Only seven weeks and five more semesters to go :))))

(More motivation here from my law school blog crush,

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