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Staying Sane in Law School

Being in law school is tough mentally. You can spend hours studying every day and still feel so far from being done with everything. There's class and reading to do everyday, but only one or two grades per class per semester to indicate how you're doing. Here's some things that have helped me not completely lose my mind.

1. Find someone outside of your school that gets it

One of my best friends from undergrad is in law school at a different school. I find she's a great person to talk to whenever I'm stressed because she understands the experience I'm going through, but there's no feeling of competition between us. Sometimes, it's frustrating to talk to people that don't get it. Recently, one of my friends not in law school didn't understand how I could be basically finished with my memo a week before it was due and still have to spend hours working on it before turning it in.

2. Set goals for yourself in something other than school

Focusing all of your efforts on excelling in school can be a lot of pressure on yourself. For me, writing blog posts and getting in a good workout makes me feel like I've accomplished something, even if I'm feeling like I'm slacking in school. Law school is a lot, but it's not the only thing in the world that matters. Balance is key.

3. Write out everything that's on your mind

I found when I would sit down to study, I would have a million things on my mind that made it hard to focus. I've started keeping a journal just to get everything out of my head and onto paper so my head is clear to study.

The great thing about the law school experience is that it's nearly universal. Always remember that whatever you're stressed about is likely stressing out the rest of your class mates too. You can get through it!

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