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I Survived My First Semester of Law School

There is no feeling that I've felt so far in my life quite like submitting your last law exam of the semester and walking out into winter break.

Law school was and was not what I expected. I expected it to be super serious and formal and imagined myself in a class with all 35-year-olds in suits. However, everyone in school with me was a normal, real person just like myself. I made friends, got a full night of sleep most nights, maintained a social life, learned a lot, and managed to make it through the first semester.

It was, however, a semester of endless studying and professors that were not there to hold your hand. It was a brain puzzle much more intense than a sudoku game, and a whole new jargon entering my life. This I knew was coming, but had no way to prepare myself for until I was actually in it.

Heading into law school, people will tell you, "If you can survive the first year, you'll be fine." I think it's more true that if you can survive your first semester, you'll be fine. (Not that I know this from experience but I'll keep you updated lol). The first few months are difficult because you have dived into a whole new style of learning, reading, and studying, and have to figure out a system that works for you. Your first memo is difficult because you have another intense assignment on top of your already heavy load of reading. Finals are difficult because you find yourself studying for the hardest tests you've ever taken with only one midterm to go off of. Getting through the first semester means you've successfully learned how to adjust to whatever school throws at you.

When I created this blog, my intention was to write about 1-2 posts a week. I did great in the beginning of the semester, but completely fell off during the end. During finals, if I wasn't studying then I did not want to be at my computer or waste my brain power on writing blog posts. This brings me to another thing I've learned during the semester: it's important to have things in your life outside of school. Even though this blog is school related, it gives me something else to think about and set and reach goals for outside of the classroom.

While contemplating whether or not to apply to law school, I asked everyone I knew: "Should I apply to law school?" I wanted a straightforward yes or no answer, which, obviously, no one could give me. To those that have a similar question, here is my advice. Think about what your goals for yourself are, what being successful means to you, if you actually enjoy school or not. If everything is making you lean towards going, then go for it! If you're desperately looking for a reason not to go, maybe reevaluate.

I'm sorry for being MIA during finals and the first few weeks of a much needed winter break, but I promise I'm back for 2017 and I hope I can continue to help others on your law school journeys!

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