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Second semester #GOALS

I think goal setting and reflecting is important to success. Identifying where you want to be in the future and how you've been doing in the past gives you an idea of what is and isn't working for you. This post will be a bit more diary-like than advice, but hopefully it can help you set some goals for yourself or evaluate how you've been doing.

I would give myself a 4/6 on my goals for first semester:

  • 1 point each for: Not dropping out (lol), finding a good school/life balance, and establishing good study habits.

  • 1/2 point each for: Managing stress well (I stayed healthy but slept horrible most nights) and going to office hours (I went a few times, but not as much as I should have).

  • 0 points for: Having a start on all my outlines by the end of September (literally who was I kidding).

But, here we are, ~new semester new me~! Jk. Here are the things I want to work on for spring semester:

1. Take less naps

I know there are benefits of napping and days when a 30 minutes snooze is absolutely crucial. But, I got in the habit of taking a nap every day after class, and I think it made me sleep poorly. I've found that if I can just make it over the 3 p.m. slump, I can get through the day and then sleep better at night.

2. Go to more office hours

Not only should I be going to office hours to clarify things I don't understand, but building relationships with professors has many additional benefits.

3. Spend the first weekend of each month updating my outlines

I don't blame myself for slacking on outlines last semester because I didn't even really understand what an outline was until, like, the week before finals. But, now that I have four classes of outlining experience under my belt, I want to spend one weekend a month catching up so that I have less work to do right before finals season.

4. Be proactive in my 1L summer job search

Job searching is so intimidating. I have zero legal experience and a few random part-time college jobs on my resume. But, a job isn't going to come to me. I have to have confidence in my qualifications and connections and secure a job!

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